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"I've been fortunate to work and play with some very kind and generous people. To list all who have influenced me would take far too long, and be much less interesting than listening to music. But for those who like minutia, here is a list of places I've lived, and some of the fine musicians who have helped me along the way."

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It's all about the people...

Fred Tackett
Fred is a fine person, musician, and guitar player. He and I became friends when I lived out in LA. We've played and jammed together many times. Fred's a member of Little Feat now. He was kind enough to play on two of my songs on the Knights of Crisis Disaster Days CD.
Paul Barrere
Great guitar player for Little Feat, and occasional golf opponent. Paul played guitar on three tracks I recorded with Big Bang Theory.
Bill Payne
Bill Payne and RedKeyboard player for Little Feat. I love the way Bill plays. I jammed with him years ago (a rare opportunity since we're both keyboard players). It was fun to trade licks with the master.
Lowell George
Singer, slide guitar player, founder and former leader of Little Feat. I jammed with Lowell on several occasions. He offered me much advice and wisdom in the short time I knew him.
Gary Burton Gary Burton and Red
Gary is a grammy award winning jazz vibraphone player and inventor of the four mallet technique. I worked with Gary when I worked for the Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Dave Moulton
Dave was chair of the Music Production and Engineering department at Berklee when I was there. I learned much about audio from Dave.
David Mash
Music Synthesis pioneer, author, composer, and former member of the jazz-fusion band Ictus. I worked with David at Berklee.
Gary Shane
A Boston rock legend. Best known for his hits "Johnny's Coletran" and "Shadow World". I played keyboards with Gary's band for three years. I played on his Love is the LiquorCD.
Mark Rubel
Former owner of the Pogo Studio in Champaign. Mark helped with a number of projects in Illinois. He's a ProTools wizard, and fun to work with. Mark is now co-director of the Blackbird Academy in Nashville.
Steve Watson
Steve is a fine guitarist who has worked with Bruce Hornsby, Dolly Parton, and spent years working recording in Southern California. Steve now owns Watson-Wood music in Greenville SC, and directs the Fine Arts Center's jazz program. Steve was very patient as he helped me improve my guitar skills.


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Cross Canadian Ragweed

Rare Earth

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 ...and the places we make come alive

Bedford, MA
Suburban Boston town where I grew up, and also where I met my wife, Amy.
Cleveland, OH
I lived in Cleveland while I attended Case Western Reserve University's joint music program with the Cleveland Institute of Music. After my first semester, I was in an accident which put me in the hospital for a while, and caused me to lose my left leg (below knee). After the accident I decided to stay around Boston for a while.
Boston, MA
I lived in Boston while attending Boston College. Later, I worked for quite a while at the Berklee College of Music.
Topanga, CA
I moved to California and set up camp in Topanga for a few years. I met many fine musicians and friends.
Concord, MA
Returned to Massachusetts, met my wife, Amy Goode, and we started our family.
Harvard, MA
Quite a bit west of Boston, in Central Massachusetts, we had enough of a house to raise our family, some band rehearsal space, and a small barn for our horses.
Normal, IL
The folks at Illinois Wesleyan University heard about my work at the Berklee College of Music and made a good offer. We loaded up the truck, moved to the Midwest. We spent many good years in Normal, and met our good friends in Knights of Crisis.
Spartanburg, SC
Normal was fun, but the winters were tough, and we were far from family. The folks in Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina have been welcoming and gracious. We're enjoying southern living and making more friends.

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