Tombstone - the band
Tombstone, the legendary underground Rock'n'Roll band.

Tombstone - filming video
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NEW! Rare recording of Tombstone performing Gone Dead Train

Influential, yet mercurial: Tombstone...

An international band, Tombstone was a melting pot of modern rock styles fused by the American blues tradition. Over 15 years ago, three musicians: an American, a French-Canadian, and an Englishman, met in Topanga, California, and joined together to form Tombstone. Playing together for just three years, Tombstone never released an official album. Yet this band is cited as the link between the late 70s West Coast sound of Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne and Little Feat, and the later hard edge California punk of X and Guns and Roses. Tombstone's musical legacy consists of bootleg tapes and a four song video EP.

Pictures from Tombstone's video shoot.

Tombstone was assisted by

Stephen "Jack" Murphy

Sonny Grofe

Doug Pintar