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Almost all the music on Long Timebegan as MIDI sequences.

Pre-production work was done using an Apple Macintosh IIcx, and Mark of the Unicorn's Performer sequencing software.

The sequences were then transfered to 16 track 2 inch analog format (30ips) using SMPTE time code. Additional tracks were either added to, or replaced, the original sequenced parts.

Long Time was mixed to DAT, and edited using Digidesign's Sound Tools for Macintosh and Sound Designer software.

Synthesizers used included:
Korg M1
Kurzweil 250R
Oberheim Matrix 6R
Roland D50
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha RX11

"Faith" recorded using a Digidesign Audiomedia board and Deck software.

Mixed Mode CD-ROM mastering by Northeastern Digital Recording.

"The Tour" and "More to Explore" applications created using: Hypercard, Aldus Superpaint, Adobe Photo Shop, Avid Videoshop, and Specular Logomotion.



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