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Long Time is Red Miller's latest solo release. Long Time has been released in a special format called mixed mode CD-ROM. The Long Time CD containing high fidelity audio, photos, lyrics, Quicktime video, and additional information about Red Miller and the making of Long Time.

Mixed mode CD-ROMs contain computer data on track 1, and audio data on the other tracks. Track 1 on Long Time contains computer data for Apple Macintosh computers with CD-ROM drive and at least 8 meg of RAM. Tracks 2 through 15 may be played on all audio CD players.

The computer data on track one contains two applications named "The TOUR" and "More to Explore". "The TOUR" is a guide to the audio tracks. Besides playing the CD-Audio tracks, "The TOUR" displays lyrics and pictures for each audio track. "The TOUR" also plays a video of the song "No Tequila". "More to Explore" plays three bonus tracks using Quicktime audio, and has additional pictures and information about Red Miller.


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