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Long Time was produced by Red Miller, engineered by Tom Daley, and recorded at the Daley Planet, Haverhill MA*.

With performances by:
Red Miller, Eric Kolosey, Steve Dow, Tom Daley, Mark Young, James Cheney, Sunny Belair, Phil Morimoto, Gary Shane, Wayne Power, Eugene Mazlov, Dave Faucher, Dean Groves, Danny Soloman, Rich Musacchio, John Kelly, Mark Mudgett, Pam Miller, Kyle Knipe, and Ron Gannett
Additional technical assistance:
Dave Moulton, David Mash, Tony Marvuglio, and Alfredo Urrutia
Design by Ellis Pratt Design
Bird Cane by Bill Bryan
Special thanks to the beta testers:
Ann Peckham, Charles Sorrento, Kirby Goode, Don Puluse, Pat Pattison, Danny Soloman, Dave Scherman, Jennifer Smith, and Emily Miller

Words, music, performance, and programming by Red Miller (except as noted.)

 * "The River" and "Summertime" recorded at Blue Jay, Carlisle MA, engineered by Gragg Lunsford


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