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Knights of Crisis formed when a few members of the band met while attending a function at their children's school. What started as an excuse to play some and drink a few has grown into a serving of serious fun.

From humble bar-band roots, Knights of Crisis has developed into one of the Midwest's premier opening acts for festivals and concerts. They have opened shows for classic rock legends including Little Feat, Blue Oyster Cult, The Guess Who, Rare Earth, and more.

Knights of Crisis also love to play for college audiences. They have headlined shows at colleges and universities including Notre Dame, Illinois State, Illinois Wesleyan, and more.

Find out what the excitement's all about with the two Knights of Crisis CDs:

Jim Dougan

Jim Dougan

Bass, Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar

Jim grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where he was deeply involved in the music scene even as a teenager. For example, he once cooked dinner for the Wilson sisters of "Heart" while working in a Seattle restaurant. Jim's passion and musicianship made him the heart of Knights of Crisis. He will be missed.

Dougan Crest
Doug Drilling

Doug Drilling

Guitar, Vocals

Doug's bluesy guitar takes him away from his work down on "The Farm".

Crilling crest
Jason Lied

John Hooker


John is a Central Illinois native who has been lighting up the nightlife scene for about 10 years. In that time, he has filled the drum throne for a number of bands playing everything from Michael Jackson to Metallica. In between Knight jobs, John teaches communication at Illinois State University.

Lied crest

Dave Raistrick

Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Dave hales from Peoria, Illinois and brings a fresh vision to the band. Coming from a classical guitar background, Dave has traded in his wine and cheese for some beer and a Knight Job!

Brent Simonds

Brent Simonds

Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin

Brent hails from Oklahoma. The thought of free beer and funk was too much for this Illinois State University professor of communication to resist. Brent's Americana-style wailin' is a great complement to Doug's bluesy bent. Simonds Crest
Brandy Hansen

Brandy Hansen

Vocals, Percussion

"A female knight?" you may ask. Well, what about Joan of Arc? Our newest Knight is a native of Normal, Illinois. Brandy loves rainbows, music, and speaking Spanish. hansen crest
Joe Blaney

Joe Blaney

Guitar, Bass, Vocals "emeritus"

Director of New Markets

Joe still records and plays with Knights of Crisis as often as possible. His duties at Illinois State University leave him hungry for rock and roll road trips!

 Blaney crest   

Former Knights of Crisis

Red Miller

Red played keyboards and sang on Knight Job and Disaster Days. Red is now pursuing his solo career based out of South Carolina.

Jason Lied

Jason played drums on Knight Job and Disaster Days. He also sang lead on two tracks on Disaster Days. Jason still loves to rock, but starting a young family meant rock and roll had to take a back seat for at least a little while.

Damian Marmion

A founding member of the band, Damian played guitar on Knight Job,and appeared as a guest on Disaster Days. He now lives in Florida.